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Wayne Rooney's career in MU Predicted Soon Finished

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp will continue to put Roberto Firmino as central striker's position. According to Klopp, Firmino able to carry its duties properly.

Firmino recruited Liverpool from Hoffenheim in 2015 with around 29 million euros or around Rp 422 billion. In this season, Brazil midfielder had scored two goals in sixPremier League matches.

In fact, Firmino not a pure striker. While playing for Brazil national team nor Hoffenheim, regular-wing position Firmino or attackers.

"Firmino is always active in an attempt to assault and often helped the defense team," said Klopp.

"The ability of the game goes come naturally. He was the player who had the instinct to be able to get the ball with ease, "Klopp shot.

Liverpool currently has Daniel Sturridge and the usual Divock Origi played striker. However, Klopp still seems to be putting up a core player in Firmino some upcomingmatches.

Wayne Rooney's career in MU Predicted Soon Finished

"Firmino will be a striker and he's got the physical ability to do it," continued Klopp.

"It will be a tough job for him, because while playing in a deeper position, he also must help break the flow of the ball from an opponent. We hope we can master the ball as long as possible, so there is no more to be done except to snatch the ball from opponents, "he added.

AFC Bournemouth Chairman Jeff Mostyn, opens the option of granting permanent contracts for midfielder Jack Wilshere, Arsenal.

As is known, Wilshere is currently undergoing a period of the loan along Bournemouth until the end of the 2016-2017 season. Player 24 years that directly have an important role in Bournemouth and squads has been featured in five Premier League matches.

Bournemouth's intentions to issue Wilshere of Arsenal believed to be will not be easy. This is because the Club nicknamed The Cherries should at least issue a big Fundto Wilshere.

"I think all options possible. The best thing we could do right now is make sure the Jack is to blend into the team and help him fulfill what you want. You have to be realistic and maybe Jack is also considering to return to Arsenal, "said Mostyn.

"If that's the case, then we regret his decision. However, if there is indeed a possibility and Manager Eddie Howe also wants to defend it, then we'll try Club owner, Maxim Demin, to issue funds for the sake of defending it, "said Mostyn.

Wayne Rooney's career in MU Predicted Soon Finished

Wilshere is a product of the original Academy building Arsenal. Since the penetrating core team in 2008, 172 cm berpostur players that already collect 160 appearances and 12 goals.

However, injury problems make the core Squad of marginalized Wilshere Arsenal in recent seasons. Now, Wilshere still bound by contract until June 30, 2017 at the Emirates Stadium.

Arsenal legend Ian Wright, holds the career of Wayne Rooney at Manchester United (MU) would end in the near future.

Wright's statement was referring to the situation of Rooney on MU at this season. The presence of Manager Jose Mourinho who gives different role to Rooney is now experiencing a decrease in performance.

In fact, the United Kingdom makes the media player for 30 years as a scapegoat when THY swallows three consecutive defeats in various event. On the last game consLeicester City, Rooney who is usually the starter ever parked Mourinho.

Wright was convinced that signal so if Mourinho is already not need Rooney again.Because Wright never had that kind of thing when her last period at Arsenal.

"It seems like it be the beginning of the career of Wayne Rooney. He looks tired andmostly she looks sad. I never felt that way when Nicolas Anelka joined us at the age of 17 years, "said Wright.

"Since then, I know my time at Arsenal left 18 more months. I sat down on the bench and think about the future. This situation has to be Rooney find in himself, "saidWright, who defended Arsenal range 1991-1998.

Rooney is currently still bound by contract until June 30, 2019. Since joining in 2004,the original building of the Academy of Everton players were already collecting 533248 appearances and goals for the Red Devils.

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