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The Reason Luciano Spalletti Would Bring AS Roma Rose

Luciano Spalletti melakoni first days as coach of AS Roma. Substitute Rudi Garcia that have various reasons to bring Rome to rise.

Spalletti led his first training session as a boss Rome, Friday (15/1/2016). Peracik bare-headed tactics were greeted with enthusiasm by the fan club.

Spalletti, 56 years old, is obliged to pay the patent performance expectations in order to Jack up the back I Lupi into the quarter-finals of the competition. The following reasons will smooth the step Spalletti.


Spalletti election very reasoned because she first knew the innards in the Wolf thanGarcia. Spalletti experienced melakoni the first regime as coach of Roma in 2005-2009.

Contribution in the form of trophies Coppa Italy 2006-2007 and 2007-2008, as well as Italy Super Cup 2007. Note also that the title row is set to the last title won in Rome.

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The Reason Luciano Spalletti Would Bring AS Roma Rose

Although the conditions in their current team already so different compared to seven years ago, the emotional attachment to a shared Spalletti Rome will be an important capital create building achievements of the Club.

Rich Variation Of Tactics

One of the factors causing the decline of Rome was in the hands of Garcia identifiedbecause the architect innovation to empower poor skuatnya. Garcia is very fixated on the pattern of 4-3-3 or relative nearby, 4-2-3-1.

So, when creativity team stuck, they have no other options such as create returns amalignancy. In the 19 weeks this season in the Italian Serie A, Garcia 15-time systemmenggeber 4-3-3 as a guide early and the remaining eleven four opportunities create a 4-2-3-1.

It is different with Spalletti, richer with the variation of tactics. Throughout the 2006-2007 season or period of tersuksesnya in Rome, he used 4-3-2-1, 4-2-3-1, 4-1-3-2, 4-3-3, up to 4-1-4-1.

The Reason Luciano Spalletti Would Bring AS Roma Rose

The adaptive method is believed to be the solutions empower quality personnel as needed.

Maximize Player
Spalletti is credited the huge change of role from Francesco Totti in Italy picked trequartista figure be prima punta aka lush middle attacker. Innovation that happens inthe 2006-2007 season.

By Francesco Totti Spalletti, often installed as a single bomber in scheme 4-2-3-1. The captain ever successfully run the task and ending the season as the King of goals in Serie a.

The expertise to maximize the potential of the player is to be of value plus Spalletti.Who knows with the entry of the coach, Totti can return vital supporting clubs even though it has entered the age of twilight.

Or, see also how to evoke Spalletti Edin Dzeko and Mohamed Salah.

Ciro Immobile back to Torino as a player on loan from Borussia Dortmund until the end of the 2015-2016 season. The loaning contract was also fitted with a permanentpurchase options.

Immobile hired Borussia Dortmund from Torino in June 2014. Earlier this season he was loaned to Sevilla, but last only half a season before returning to Serie a.

This 25-year-old striker decided received an opportunity back to Turin after experiencing difficulty in La Liga. She could not appear in the regular club headquartered at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan.

The Reason Luciano Spalletti Would Bring AS Roma Rose

"I am very pleased and can't wait can coach as well as a teammate," said Immobile as quoted the official website of Torino.

"Thanks to President Urbano Cairo, Director Gianluca Petrachi, and everyone at the Club to give back confidence. I also want to thank you for greeting fans at the airport. I do not suspect it but make it all becomes more beautiful, "he said.

"I go back to Turin with great enthusiasm. Meet up with friends and shed a desire to do our best to this uniform because it has been giving me a lot of joy, "he said.

Cairo is also pleased to be bringing back Immobile to Torino. Moreover, he is a player who once gave many contributions to Il Toro.

"Immobile is the player who has given a lot of contribution to Toro, vice versa. There is always a beautiful relationship between us, "says Cairo.

Players that sold Sweet on the Stock Transfer of Italy

Clubs Italy preen kala entered the exchange of January transfer. A common condition when there is one player that sold sweet because hounded a few clubs.

Stock transfer winter in Italy will be closed on 1 February. Remaining half moon for the Club player, he brought it to them.

The following players are the best-selling in the radar transfer of Serie A clubs.

Stephan Aldo

The youth of Italy bloodied Egypt is still a loan AS Monaco from AC Milan. This season, Aldo performed 15 times in the League of France without scoring any nicks.

Yet even a season at Monaco, El Sha already seduced big clubs Serie in order to return to Italy.

"We discussed about Aldo with a large Club of Italy," said the President of MonacoVasilev, Vadim, gave the signal.

Players that sold Sweet on the Stock Transfer of Italy

El Sha reportedly shot AS Roma. 23 year old striker it became the target of Team Wolf for this January. It's just that, a coaching succession in Rome of Rudi Garcia's Luciano Spalletti was reported to make the management should revise the target for the Club.

Also appears that Milan will take back El Sha to the San Siro, before his loan expires in the summer.

There is also a hypothesis that mention Aldo approached Fiorentina. The player's transfer to La Viola depending on whether or not to leave Giuseppe Rossi from Manchester United.

Ezequiel Lavezzi's
Inter Milan made Lavezzi's dream as a target since last summer. Now, the player representative of the PSG was rumored to be in town to meet with Inter Milan.

Previously, Lavezzi's also linked with Juventus.

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Andrea Ranocchia

Central Defender whose positions were eliminated at the Inter game this became the competitor clubs in Serie A or the Premier League. Ranocchia mentioned already agree to Sampdoria.

Transfer of Rano can switch paves the way for Inter with a swashbuckling Samp, Roberto Soriano or Eder Citadin. Milan and Fiorentina also continues to monitor the development of the fate of Ranocchia.

Diego Perotti
Rome most been approached the playmaker Genoa origin Argentina. He prepared as a solution the tactics I Lupi when coaches need figure trequartista aka striker hole that patent.

Inter and Fiorentina also called exploring Perotti. The enormous interest in this fastmoving must seduce ex players Sevilla that, while Genoa still slumped across the Board.

Bologna midfielder Emanuele Giaccherini, sought to get to Italy national team at the final round of Euro 2016.

Players that sold Sweet on the Stock Transfer of Italy

Italy managed to qualify to the final round of Euro 2016 in France which will be taking place starting June 10. Gli Azzurri will compete in Group E along with Belgium, Republic of Ireland, and Sweden.

Giaccherini not just wanted reinforce Italy's Euro 2016, but also want to be champions in France.

"My personal Target is to play in Euro 2016, but it's still a long time. Italy national team uniform like a second skin for me, "said Il Messaggero reported by as Giaccherini.

"The future? I want to win the Euro 2016 and remain at Bologna, "said he.

For the nearest match, Bologna will entertain Lazio Stun Stadium, Sunday (17/1/2016). The party sure Giaccherini will last is difficult enough, but he is optimistic his team can reap the victory.

Be a key factor in the success of the San Paolo Napoli grabbed half champion statusin Serie A 2015-2016. On Saturday (4/1/2016), headquarters of Naples it would face a test in the form of coming of Sassuolo as a guest.

Napoli made sure of myself as campione d'inverno winter Champ aka (half) for the fourth time in their history.

Earlier, three other former predicate is achieved with the legend, Diego Maradona, in 1986-1987, 1987-1988, and 1989-1990.

Key kemapanan Napoli this season lies in the ability to maximize the energy in San Paolo. Napoli is very tough at home. They grabbed 23 points out of a possible maximum of 27 pieces that can be earned in nine home party.

That report is the best cage record in Serie A this season. Of the nine game, Napoli record was seven wins and a draw twice.

Players that sold Sweet on the Stock Transfer of Italy

San Paolo became a graveyard for big teams, such as Lazio (5-0), Juventus (2-1), Fiorentina (2-1) and Inter (2-1).

Only Sampdoria (2-2) and Roma (0-0) who can afford home from Naples armed with scoring points. Maurizio Sarri forces had the mission proceeded as a stylish entryentertaining Sassuolo Serie A action continued on the weekend.

Be exciting because the guests including gravel for large teams. Sassuolo unbeatensaban against candidate champion this season. Check out the results of the game contra Roma (2-2), Juventus (1-0), Fiorentina (1-1), Inter Milan (1-0), and of course the SSC Napoli (2-1).

So, the duel at the San Paolo later will be the pageant proper revenge for the home team.