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The former Juventus Striker was accused of being the Mafia and Pedophiles

Fabio Quagliarella was forced to move from Napoli to Juventus on 2010. Because reputation tainted because the accused as a user of cocaine, pedophiles, and members of the Camorra mafia.

At that time, Quagliarella is actually tied to a long-term contract and feel welcome because Naples is the city of his birth. However, the continuity of his career disrupted by anonymous terror.

Terror in the form of letters and phone calls are also addressed to the President of the Naples Aurelio De Laurentiis.

"De Laurentiis sold me since receiving the letter and anonymous messages. Its contents are accusations that I have cocaine in a party with members of the Camorra, "Quagliarella said.

"I also was accused of being a pedophile who likes doing the wild party," he said.

The result of such terror, De Laurentiis asked his leave to Quagliarella stayed at the hotel. Expected, the former Italy national team striker was able to compose yourself.

The former Juventus Striker was accused of being the Mafia and Pedophiles

"However, after the conversation at the headquarters of Naples, he was never contacted again. Napoli sold me to Juventus, "Quagliarella said.

Later, the Police Department has been uncovering the identity of the diffuser is the terror. He was a policeman named Raffaele Piccolo.

Not just Quagliarella, the life of celebrity Italy also diusik by Piccolo. As one of the victims, Quagliarella testified in court.

AC Milan's Vice-President, Adriano Galliani, revealed that it was intrigued by the young Ajax Amsterdam player, Anwar El Ghazi.

A 20-year-old winger was performing quite spellbinding in this season. According to Transfermarkt, El Ghazi has already been scored eight goals and one assist from 13 matches the Eredivisie.

The achievement was made a number of big European clubs, such as Manchester United, reported to be interested in the proposal the ex players of the Academy of Sparta Rotterdam.

AC Milan any interest to El Ghazi. However, Galliani claimed that the Rossoneri need to sell players first before the cast bids to Ajax.

In this case, the AC Milan player reportedly would removable is Stephan Aldo (currently on loan to AS Monaco), and Alessio Cerci which linked to Genoa.

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The former Juventus Striker was accused of being the Mafia and Pedophiles

"El Ghazi is a player that we like. However, we cannot do anything about it, unless one of our wing players left the Club. That's the only way that can be done, "said Galliani on Friday (15/1/2016) local time.

The appearance of the impressive El Ghazi also makes him the senior Netherlands national team is called. El Ghazi has recorded two games alongside De Oranje, precisely in the 2016 European Championship qualifiers in October 2015.

Inter Milan coach Roberto Mancini, close opportunities transfer Ezequiel Lavezzi's in January 2016. The new players are welcome move to Inter in the summer.

Lavezzi's contract along with PSG indeed only lasted until June 30, 2016. Until now, the PSG has not offers a renewal contract.

Even so, Mancini reluctant to utilize the opportunity of acquiring Argentina striker was in the January transfer window.

Mancini says, "why did he have to leave PSG, where her winning the League and play in the Champions League? "

"He will be a free transfer after June so there are opportunities. However, I think the transfer will be difficult at this time, "said Mancini.

Interest Inter against Lavezzi's agent, has been recognized by Alessandro Fabregas. In addition to Inter, Chelsea and Barcelona are also interested.

Lavezzi's own began to lose a place in the squad for Laurent Blanc. He just get a ration of 601 seconds on various races of the season for 2015-2016.

After five years of defending Lazio, Miroslav Klose is rumored to designate a hanging shoe by the newspaper La Repubblica. However, the news of immediately deniedby the Agency, Alexander Schutt.

The former Juventus Striker was accused of being the Mafia and Pedophiles

Lazio indeed Klose's contract will end in late 2015-2016 season. However, according to Schutt, until now his clients haven't taken a decision to extend the contract, migrated to other clubs, or retirement.

Schutt also dismissed rumors that mentioned that Klose would immediately began his career as a coach after retiring from his career as a professional footballer.

"We are not in a hurry or be in a position to pressure in taking decisions. When the decision is already there, we will tell you, "said Schutt as reported by Bild.

Klose started his career in football along with FC 08 Homburg II in 1998. Throughout his career, he had defended the Kaiserslautern, Werder Bremen and Bayern Munich, before she moved to Serie A Lazio to graze on.

The attacker called complete Miroslav Josef Klose has collected a series of titles at Club level including two Bundesliga titles, two DFB Pokal, and became the runners-upshared Champions League FC Bayern in 2009-2010.

Lazio won the Coppa success Klose Italy 2012-2013. He has scored 56 goals in 149 appearances alongside Lazio.

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