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Champions League: Premier League Is Most Difficult, You Happy?

Guardiola made a statement to the media satire to question the tight competition Premier League after Manchester City failed to win.

Manchester City Manager Josep Guardiola expressed the opinion "satire" reserved level the tight competition Premier League following the setbacks experienced by the middle of his team.

The latest, The Citizens, the nickname of Manchester City, should be willing to share numbers with Middlesbrough after a 1-draw at Etihad Stadium, Saturday (5/2/2016).

Man City's dominant in the first half, but failed to grab the victory. Goal Sergio Aguero could reply to Marten de Roon in the late game.

Champions League: Premier League Is Most Difficult, You Happy?

Because the results of that, Aguero dkk lost the top Premier League. Man City thrown in third place with 24 points, the difference in the two figures from the Liverpool topping the standings.

Responding to children's performance Champions, media people ask a question of the intensity of competition compared to Premier League La Liga and Bundesliga toChampions, who coached Barcelona and Bayern Munich.

In two of the Club, Champions League success, at least managed to bring the two champions in the League respectively.

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Indeed, that question seems to be "special theme" for Guardiola.

"You would say that this (the Premier League) is the most difficult League in the world, at any time you are waiting for it," said the coach, aged 45 years.

"I tell you, this is the most difficult. You must be very proud! The Premier League is the League's most difficult, are you happy? "he said.

Man City won only twice the clean sheet in 11 Premier League matches so far this season.

Champions League: Premier League Is Most Difficult, You Happy?

Currently, his position in the standings at Liverpool FC take over and under.

"All the teams play defensive and this is very difficult. That is why I am very glad to be here to try and deal with that situation, "he said.

"The only way is to play better in our game. In the end, we will get better and achieve our targets, "he said.

For the following match, Man City will drop by to roost Crystal Palace in a follow-upmatch of the Premier League, Saturday (19/11/1999).

Tottenham Hotspur picking the score 1-draw at the headquarters of city rivals, Arsenal, on Sunday (6/2/2016). Although his forces failed to win, Manager Mauricio Pochettino keep praising the resilience Spurs through difficult moments.

Penalty goal Harry Kane (51 minutes) ensured Tottenham returned with points of Arsenal. Host excels through own goal Spurs Defender, Kevin Wimmer (42 ').

Score 1-1 with Tottenham making extend record start to become unbeatable at theparty's 11th Premier League 2016-2017.

Note the best Spurs prefix resulted in a record in the major leagues in the United Kingdom last year 56.

Tottenham this season recorded 5 WINS and 6 draws. A collection of 21 points they are currently much more magical than the team last season with the same number of weeks.

"All the teams are having a moment of good and bad all season. If you're in a bad condition and you're still undefeated, the thing that can be done just smiled. I am happy, "said Pochettino, reported by The Guardian.

Adverse conditions is the Manager of e.g. due to injury a midfielder mainstay, Delle Alli, at practice sessions, Saturday (5/2/2016).

Champions League: Premier League Is Most Difficult, You Happy?

Not to mention his army should divide the focus with the progress in the Champions League and the domestic nonliga competition.

"The team has to have a fit squad for Champions League and Premier League, two of the hardest Championships included competitions in the world. Our trouble because cannot perform rotations as you wish, so an unbeatable record feels fantastic because of the formidable performance of all the players, "said the Argentina men aged44 years.

Against Arsenal, Pochettino played Kane, who had returned on the other appears after injury last September.

"I don't gamble by lowering Kane. We evaluate the situation every day. When you decide to choose, it is because you believe he can do a good thing, "said Pochettino.

The trust pays off in full in the match at the Emirates. Kane marked the third goal with a pascacedera comeback this season in the League.

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