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Fighting Spirit High Became A Key Success Of The WPK Pinky Wattunnami Boys

The Governor's Cup title NTB 2015 ended yesterday evening (17/9) on 17 December, GOR Lombok. WPK Wattunami won the Championship after the final defeat on defending champions BJL 2000 striking with a score of 1-6, and ranked 3rd in the 2011 PRE PON Kaltim who managed to surpass PRE PON NTB ranked 4.

Pinky Boys using the name Wattunami in the Governor's Cup, the WPK NTB 2015 perform well until the final round, this title be grateful by team origin communities. Because the results of their hard work to fruition.

"Thank God happy over the outcome of the Governor's Cup champion in NTB, all due to the hard work of the player who tirelessly provide best performance for the team to get the best results in this tournament," said Sunny, to editorial team Sepatu Futsal Zone.

Fighting Spirit High Became A Key Success Of The WPK Pinky Wattunnami Boys

Asked a question of who is the most instrumental in the success of the team, full Sunny man named Rizki Suhendra convey that all have the same great exploits for the team.

"this team, so all had a share to a great team," she continued, Sunny.

With squads that not much different when managed to be runners up until 2015 and then become FSL Champions Cup Governor of NTB 2015, Team origin Macassar was hoping to reach its main target next year by continuing to prepare the team.

"The main Target of Catching Boys League Championship next year," outfielder pungkas POUND Jabar was the end of the interview.

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Players who have purchased gempal it had a surplus of power so that the left foot kick, making the mautnya often RIP nets opponent. The Carlsberg Vamos players in the plot on the Pivot. However, as a pivot, Saed, has advantages in terms of dribblingthat often he peragakan when teammate lack support. Not just dribble, Lubis in persenjatai with a hard kick. The attack started by teammate, ending with the hardest shooting execution. Indonesia national team players that also have advantages in maintaining physical contacts although receiving the ball from opponents.

Fighting Spirit High Became A Key Success Of The WPK Pinky Wattunnami Boys

Caisar Silitonga
Have great posture, Caisar very suitable position Pivot. Tasked to spearhead the team. Caisar  powerful weapons have weapons with having a very good ball control, he can control the ball which he gained either through passing flat or passing to soar. Indonesia national team captain ball control is supported by the power and balance. So, players Pelindo II IPC was able to maintain the ball stays on his feet despite harassment of opponents in a sense is also not very susceptible to collision  a clash at terimanya.

Instead of just talking and muscle strength, the player who used the number 5 it back in anugerahi a good finishing ability in the game, Caisar often make decisions to complete their own opportunities and often the decision of creating goals.

Not up there, Caisar often become an option to feed wall pass, with his excellence, he can give the bait that can be easily executed by his partner.

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