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5 Best Football Flank PFL 2016

Flank in the world of futsal is the position (not absolutely) that describe the roles of the players in the field. In General, the flank is played by a player who has a high cruising range, speed and ability of sports balls.

So far, the world has come to know a few names later as flank areas such as Javi Rodriguez, Ricardinho, Adriano Foglia, and the legend Falcao futsal. Well, Indonesia also has quality players who occupy a position of flank.

5 Best Football Flank PFL 2016

Pro Futsal League as highest futsal event, Indonesia has raised quality talents. For that Zone select Futsal 5 Best Flank Pro Futsal League (PFL) 2016. Anyone of them?

1. Sukma Nandy (Biang Ball Kaltim)
On this list, Nandy became a player who has the smallest body posture. Ex retainerPrapon Jabar is often showing action sprint to penetrate opposing defenses. It's noteasy to snatch the ball from mastery of Nandy. Coupled with its considerable agility, he is also actively looking for open spaces in the area of defence. Nicks 5 goals intoconcrete evidence of the vital role the following Ball to Nandy Kaltim.

2. Xeniagreekmuslimah Runtuboy (Black Steel Manokwari)
Runtuboy in as the youngest player of the five players who fill out the list of the best flank. Despite the young age, the ability of Runtuboy can not be considered normal. As if not awkward facing your opponent, dikubu senior Runtuboy freely show tricks to cultivate the balls, so the opportunities are often created with attractive packaging. Recorded, Runtuboy already collected 5 goals along with Black Steel, and almost all the goals are created through individual aski teens who complete their high school education have just that.

3. Ardy ' Java ' Dwi Suwardy (BJL Cosmo 2000)
Ardy Dwi was more historically known lovers of futsal ground water. The familiar players saluted the ' Java ' this is Indonesia's national futsal squads bebapa last year. Ardy Java is a player who has a hard and accurate shooting. It becomes a weapon retainer BJL 2000 Cosmo in a menacing opponent. It doesn't take much gap, Robin is able to let go a shot hard, even for long distance though. As a result, Ardy Dwi alreadythen 5 ball to the opponent in the arena of PFL 2016.

5 Best Football Flank PFL 2016

4. Randy ' Biroe21 ' the Knights (IPC Pelindo II)
Randy accompany Ardy retainer futsal national team as Java Indonesia that goes on this list. IPC Pelindo II needs to be menysukuri the presence of the figure of the Knights in Randy's team. Proven, the figure of Biroe21 to answer concerns IPC Pelindo kala abesnya Caisar Silitonga was gedor interpreter due to injury. As a speaker of gedor, Randy has a high attack instinct. Plus the tranquility in mastering the ball, even in a State of distress. Thunderous ground Minang also was awarded the vision of the play and accurate passing, several times Randy take a role as a regulator of the rhythm game IPC Pelindo II. 7 goal he collections complete the proof of the important role of Randy Satria.

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5. Bambang Bayu ' BBS ' Saptaji (Vamos FC Mataram)
Bayu Saptaji complete list of world's best futsal flank zone. Who does not know theBBS, which has now become one of futsal Indonesia icon. This part of the origin of the youth is so aggressive in attacks kekubu opponents. With speed and agility, the main actor of bayu goals created for Vamos FC. Side of the field became an area favorite for Slave, this is the diarea bayu often doing solo run and cutting inside Defender threatening opponents. Bayu also has a high cruising range, he was able to findspace and down kepertahanan the team consistently. Now already had 11 touchdowns BBS at PFL 2016.

That's the name of the fifth best flank PFL 2016 version Futsal Zone Indoesia. What do you think? Whether agree with the list above?. Continue to follow Indonesia andsupported Zone Futsal keep futsal Indonesia.

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