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PEP Guardiola's criticism of tactics Ronald Koeman at Everton

Manchester City's Manager, Pep Guardiola, criticized the tactic of holding out is applied to his team when Ronald Koeman lost 0-4 of Everton at the weekend matches Premier League at Goodison Park Sunday (15/1/2017).

"We performed well in the first half and we created a number of opportunities to score. However, the ensuing we couldn't score a goal. However, Everton were able todo that in the first half, "said Guardiola.

"In the second half, Everton again scored some goals quickly. It makes our playersmentally difficult to accept it. It's hard for the players because of course when it waswinning 2-0, Everton holding out with nine players in the area of Defense, "he said.

Based on statistics at the official site of the Premier League, Manchester City did indeed perform very dominant with 70.5 percent chalked up possession in relation to 29.5 percent belonged to Everton.

In addition, the City also has five clean opportunities of a total of 13 experiments, while Everton releasing the four shots that led to a goal in six opportunities.

PEP Guardiola's criticism of tactics Ronald Koeman at Everton

Although the master course of action, The Citizens are subject 0-4 from Everton. The four touchdowns The Toffees scored Romelu Refusing (34 '), Kevin Mirallas (47 '), Tom Davies (79 '), and Ademola Lookman (90 + 5 ').

This negative result makes Manchester City are fifth in the standings, while Premier League with 42 points. They are linked to 10 digits from Chelsea who were in the top spot.

Manchester City lost 0-4 of Everton at the weekend matches Premier League at Goodison Park Sunday (15/1/2017). This is a landslide defeat Prime received City counter Everton in the last 31 years.

Playing at home to The Toffees, Manchester City appears dominant. Based on statistics at the official site of the Premier League, City were able to carve 70.5 percent possession in relation to 29.5 percent belonged to Everton.

In addition, The Citizens also have many opportunities to score, i.e. five shots on target of 13 opportunities. Meanwhile, Everton gained four excellent opportunities of six shots.

However, Everton appeared more effective than Manchester City. The Club's Ronald Koeman it finally managed to silence the City by a score of 4-0.

The four-goal victories The Toffees into Romelu Refusing on 34 minutes, Kevin Mirallas 47 minutes, Tom Davies 79 minutes, and Ademola Lookman minute 90 + 5.

PEP Guardiola's criticism of tactics Ronald Koeman at Everton

For The Citizens, it is for the first time swallows defeat by four goals from Everton. The last time City feel similar to occur on February 11, 1986, or almost 31 years ago.

Playing at Goodison Park in the advanced Division one League action United Kingdom 1985-1986, Manchester City surrendered by a score of 4-0. Gary Lineker appears as the star of Everton's victory on the game with the carving of hattrick.

Submission from Everton to make Manchester City still fixated on ratings five standings while Premier League 2016-2017 with the value 42, lagging 10 points from Chelsea who is in the top position. Meanwhile, Everton inhabiting seven with 33 points.

Liverpool and Manchester United draw 1-1 in the match of the weekend of the 21stPremier League at Old Trafford, Sunday (15/1/2017). Those results make nine THY winning streak halted at the hands of The Reds.

With one additional points, The Red Devils remained in the top six standings while the Premier League with a value of 40. They left behind five points from Liverpool who inhabit the top three.

Playing in front of their own supporters, MU appeared confident. Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba alternately threaten the Liverpool goal at minute 13 and 19. However, an attempt both to score yet.

Sign in the 27th minute, Liverpool get a penalty after Paul Pogba try to banish the ball with his hand. James Milner who advanced as the executor runs its task very well.

Results of the 12 kicks ball fitting Milner to the right side was stopped David DeGea. Manchester United 0, Liverpool 1.

Lagging behind one goal, The Red Devils continue to launch attacks into The Reds defence. Ibrahimovic almost brought Manchester United equalize on 33 minutes. However, the execution results of the ball free kick tipped wide by goalkeeper can InterLiverpool, Simon Mignolet.

Four minutes on the stroke down, Henrikh Mkhitaryan has a chance to break the Liverpool goal. However, the appearance of scintillating Mignolet under crossbar Mkhitaryan kick drove success. Until the first half ended, score 1-0 for excellence Liverpool persist.

PEP Guardiola's criticism of tactics Ronald Koeman at Everton

Entering the second half, Manchester United and Liverpool both demonstrated the game attacking. However, solidnya rear guard the opponent made the MU and Liverpool do not have even one good chance to run a 60-minute game.

The Reds had two excellent opportunities on 61 minutes and 66 ' through action Roberto Firmino and Adam Lallana. Alas, the ball shot results Firmino and Lallana from inside the penalty box was successfully dammed De Gea.

Six minutes of normal time ended, admits Manchester United successfully equalize.Starting from goal Marouane Howard who hit the crossbar, the ball wild led to Antonio Valencia.

Quietly, the round leather is sending Valencia into a goalpost and struck directly byIbrahimovic header. Zooming in any ball into the Liverpool goal. Until the game is over, the final score Manchester United 1 Liverpool 1.

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