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Arsenal Immediately Extend The Duration Of The Contract Per Mertesacker

Defender Shkodran Mustafi, Wenger, reveal that the former Manchester United captain, Rio Ferdinand, was one of the players that he idolakan. Mustafi confess am amazed with the quality of Ferdinand in raising the defense team.

"I like to watch the game (Zinedine) Zidane and Ronaldinho. As a defender, I liked Him, "said Mustafi.

"He was always there, shouting and rewards. He has everything that is needed by adefender, "he said.

Mustafi has played in the United Kingdom alongside Everton junior team at the 2009 to 2012. Germany national team Defender descendant Albania continued his career with Sampdoria in 2012 until 2014 and then Valencia in 2014 to 2016.

Mustafi returned to the United Kingdom in July 2016. He decided to leave Valenciaafter being purchased from Arsenal with 35 million Pounds transfer value or equivalent to Rp 566 billion.

Along with Arsenal, Mustafi directly into the main options for the Duet with LaurentKoscielny in sector central defender. So far, Mustafi already appeared 20 times in various event followed by Arsenal. According to statistics, The Gunners never losing any Mustafi plays.

Arsenal Immediately Extend The Duration Of The Contract Per Mertesacker

The official Manchester United increase the duration of the work of Antonio Valencia to one season to the next, or until the end of the 2017-2018 season. The existence of such a contract, Valencia would enter ninth season together.

"Manchester United confirm has extended the contracts of Antonio Valencia up to one year to the next, a contract that will make the Ecuador midfielder remained at Old Trafford at least until June 2018.0" the sound of the official statement of The Red Devils.

"Eighth season together enjoy Valencia and one additional year of this contract will make him remain in the team until the end of 2017-2018 season. Congratulations, Antonio. "

Antonio Valencia bailed out Manchester United from Wigan Athletic on June 30, 2009. Initially, the 31 year old player who plays as a right midfielder or right wing.

However, due to the lack of players who can come across as a right Defender, Valencia began to occupy the post of empowered. Since last season, he was fully performed as a defender.

For the past eight seasons defended the Red Devils, Antonio Valencia scored 21 touchdowns plus 59 assists from 274 matches in the entire pageant competition. He also helped Manchester United grabbed seven titles, including two Premier League trophy, and one FA Cup.

Arsenal rumored Sky Sports on Tuesday (17/1/2017), intending to give an extension of the duration of the contract to Per Mertesacker. The plan, bek asal Germany it would get additional service lasted one season.

Arsenal Immediately Extend The Duration Of The Contract Per Mertesacker

Contract Per Mertesacker are essentially will end on June 30, 2017. No matter the player this season have not contributed in the Arsenal.

Mertesacker injured knee length and pulled over since July 21, 2016. Until recently,Mertesacker already absent in 33 matches in various event.

However, Manager Arsene Wenger claimed to still need the services of Mertesakcerin line behind Arsenal. The presence of players 32 years later the hoped it could become a model for the young players of the gun.

Arsenal later indeed repeatedly gave new contracts to its players. Last week, the origin of the North London Club already assured Olivier Giroud, Laurent Koscielny, and Francis Coquelin with a new contract.

Per Mertesakcer became one of the senior players at Arsenal. Since removed fromWerder Bremen on a 2011 worth 8 million pounds or equivalent to Rp 129 billion, Mertesacker had already appeared in 207 matches and offered two FA Cup trophy forArsenal.

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