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Jose Mourinho Admits the reason Buffalo mouth with Jurgen Klopp

Chelsea still comfortable at the top of the Premier League standings to 21st week. As for second place now occupied by Tottenham Hotspur are displacing Liverpool.

Meanwhile, Manchester City went down to fifth position. The Citizens are now prone to slides that are only linked to Manchester United two points below it.

Competition in the bottom Board is also not less exciting. Mutually it three teams to avoid relegation.

Hull City were no longer occupying the key after a 3-1 win over AFC Bournemouth.Lowest position now occupied by Swansea City and Sunderland who equally managed 15 points.

Next week's competition at top position can also change. Manchester City will faceTottenham Hotspur in a match at Etihad Stadium, Saturday (21/1/2017).

Jose Mourinho Admits the reason Buffalo mouth with Jurgen Klopp

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, go to the sound matter of the incident between her mouth shootout with Jurgen Klopp on Premier League matches 2016-2017, Sunday (15/1/2016). Mourinho assess it happened because Klopp accusehim intend to provoke the referee.

"He thought I was trying to make his players ejected. In fact, I didn't do it and no problem to it, "said Mourinho.

"I argued the match already in progress as well. The referee also works well. So toowith the player who has given his best ability in a very professional, "said The Special One.

These comments refer to the duel between Ander Herrera and Roberto Firmino ahead of the final minute. Herrera is seen trying to snatch the ball with how to stop the movement of the interesting way Firmino jerseys.

These actions then cause reactions from Firmino who did look a little nudge towardchest Herrera. Mourinho then react upon such action. That ignited the emotions of the Klopp trying mendatangani Mourinho.

Lucky, disputes both can be muted by an official referee. Referee Michael Oliver ever gave a yellow card to Firmino and Herrera.

In a match that took place at Old Trafford, Manchester United only played 1-drawagainst Liverpool. The Red Devils have the goal they conceded penalty kick throughJames Milner (27), before Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored a stabilisation at 84 minutes.

One additional points does not change the position of Manchester United sixth with40 points. As for Liverpool, the draw leaves them third down with a total of 45 points.

Jose Mourinho Admits the reason Buffalo mouth with Jurgen Klopp

Manchester City surprisingly landslide defeat of Everton swallow on the 21 weekendmatches Premier League, on Sunday (15/1/2017). Meanwhile, Manchester United Liverpool cons duel ends without a winner.

A trip to the headquarters of Everton at Goodison Park, The Citizens appear confident. The Club's Pep Guardiola was 70.5 per cent possession records than 29.5 percent belonged to Everton.

Although the master course of the match, the City was unable to stem the pace of The Toffees. Manchester City finally capitulated with a score of 0-4. For Man City, it was for the first time swallows defeat by four goals from Everton, after last time took place on February 11, 1986.

Meanwhile, Manchester United and Liverpool had to settle for sharing the numbers.MU, playing in front of their own supporters concede it first in the 27th minute.

James Milner managed to scored the ball into the goal The Red Devils through the white point. Liverpool get a penalty after Paul Pogba touched the ball with his hands.

Nobody wants to humiliated in front of his own supporters, Manchester United continue to launch attacks. Zlatan Ibrahimovic finally succeeded in scoring at 84minutes, and the match ended with the score 1-1.

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