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Arsenal Would Go Well with MU

The Manchester United striker, Zlatan Ibrahimovicalready placed the four goals in the Premier League. However, he scored four goals which have been created from a total of 32 shots.

Ineffectiveness of Ibrahimovic lost midfielder Etienne Capoue, Watford. Although heplays as a midfielder, Capoue already scored four goals in just six attempts.

One of the goals of domination to Capoue Manchester United. He successfully brought The Hornets won for the first time over The Red Devils in the last 30 years.

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"It's been a long time since the #watfordfc beat them, we deserve it," as quoted from Capoue Twitter official Twitter party Club. "We don't put up restrictions on what we wanted to achieve."

According to the former national team striker who is now a French observer, Christophe Dugarry, Ibrahimovic is not a suitable figure for the Premier League.

"Ibrahimovic will only think of scoring, and he's not going to take dizzy looking for the ideal distance for shooting," said Dugarry.

"Furthermore, Zlatan is a figure that lazy move, while players in the Premier League, players can run as far as 2,000 meters per match," he added.

Arsenal Would Go Well with MU

As quoted Metro, Tuesday (27/9/2016), there are 19 players the Club top scorer each of which has a level of scoring is more effective than Ibrahimovic.

Watch footage of the match from United Kingdom League, La Liga, Champions League, Europa League and with HD quality here:

the 5 players with the effectiveness of the best Premier League

1. Cristhian Stuani (Middlesbrough) and two goals from three shots (one goal per shots 1.5)

2. Etienne Capoue (Watford) with 4 goals in 6 shots (one goal per shots 1.75)

3. Steven Defour (Burnley) with one goal from 3 shots

4. Alexis Sanchez (Arsenal) with 4 goals from 12 shots (one goal of 3 shots)

5. Sadio Mane (Liverpool) with 3 goals from 7 shots (one goal per shots 3.25)

5 Players with a level of effectiveness of the worst Premier League scoring

5 worst player conversion goals in Premier League season 2016/2017:

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Manchester United) with 4 goals in 32 shots (one goal per 8 shots)

2. Salomon Rondon (West Bromwich Albion) with 3 goals in 16 shots (one goal per shots 5.67)

3. Jamie Vardy (Leicester City) with two goals from 12 shots (one goal per shots 5.5)

4. Joe Allen (Stoke City) with one goal from 5 shots

5. Junior Stanislas (AFC Bournemouth) with one goal from 5 shots

Arsenal Would Go Well with MU

Former Arsenal midfielder Gilberto Silva, claims to be disappointed by the sharp criticism that often earned Arsene Wenger. Gilberto is convinced The Gunners would appear sluggish if Wenger went.

Origin of the France Manager has two decades of handling the Gun squad in London. A 20-year deal with Arsenal, Wenger successfully offered the 15 titles, including three Premier League trophy.

But in the last few seasons, Arsene Wenger often rained criticism. Failing to take TheGunners settled fast title for 12 seasons in the Premier League and in the Champions League, being the main reason fans want Wenger lift away from the Emirates Stadium.

Gilberto Silva who bring Arsenal won the Premier League season 2003-2004 spare protests conducted its supporters. He believes if Wenger went, The Gunners would have fared the same as Manchester United.

Since left Sir Alex Ferguson who retired at the end of the 2013-2014 season, MU as lost Spurs. The Red Devils difficulty degree in the United Kingdom or even in Europe.

"Wenger is currently receiving a lot of criticism because of the difficulty of the Arsenal win the title," explained Gilberto told the Daily Mail.

"However, if people come back look at what's been accomplished in the past, it is a wonderful thing. I hope people start to realise that, "he added.

"As at Manchester United, it is not easy to replace the figure of Sir Alex Ferguson. Important for Arsene to prepare those who will replace them in the future, "said the man Brazil origin it.

Gilberto also called Arsene Wenger has brought a lot of changes at Arsenal. Underher care, some players managed to have a career that is increasingly brilliant.

"As a coach, one reason why Wenger is able to last up to 20 years was that he managed to accomplish important things along with the clubs," said Gilberto.

"It is not easy to develop an Arsenal, while finding and developing great players under the direction of the Club. However, often people don't forgive him when he makes mistakes, "he added.

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