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Chelsea Already Have Prospective Substitute Diego Costa

The Sunday Express reported Chelsea (15/1/2017), has had a replacement candidateDiego Costa that santer was rumored would leave to China. The Blues planned to bring Bayern Munich's bomber, Thomas Muller.

Costa reported strange situations in the Middle after his relationship with the Manager of The Blues, Antonio Conte, started to deteriorate. Conte is furious with the attitude of the Spain national team striker at training sessions on the stroke counter action Leicester City, Saturday (14/1/2017).

Not only that, Diego Costa also mentioned wanting to leave Chelsea after receivingan offer from a Club of origin China, Tianjin Quanjian. The player's agent, Jorge Mendes, has even fly to the land of Bamboo Curtain to meet representatives of the Club.

As a result, Chelsea set up Thomas Muller if it really happened. Germany's players have no regional Bayern Munich are at because it continues to be the benchwarmers.

New melakoni Muller 13 Bundesliga matches in the competition this season, with a record of played for 919 minutes. In that period, he has scored one goal.

Chelsea Already Have Prospective Substitute Diego Costa

Whereas, Thomas Muller is an important player when Bavaria was still taken care ofPep Guardiola. Player 27 years it is able to record 20 goals in 31 matches in the Bundesliga last season.

According to the Express, Chelsea would have to spend of £ 75 million ($ 1.21 trillion) for the purchased the Thomas Muller. The management plan, The Blues will approach to the players ahead of the end of this season.

Thomas Muller still bound by the contract along with Bayern Munich until June 30,2013. Since the uniformed senior team The Bavarians season 2009-2010, he has won various titles, some of which are five Bundesliga trophies and one UEFA Champions League.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, claiming to still feel free to play Joel Matip relatedthreats of punishment from FIFA.

Matip has recovered from an ankle injury that he suffered since early December 2016. But Klopp decided not to play the Matip when Liverpool visit to Manchester United on Sunday (15/1/2017).

Chelsea Already Have Prospective Substitute Diego Costa

Earlier, FIFA has been informed of Liverpool if they will now examine the situation that occurred between the Matip and the national team of Cameroon. If proven Matipmangkir of calls the national team to perform at African Cup 2017, the player should not defend Liverpool travel to Cameroon in the tournament ended.

Klopp claims to be resigned to the situation that befell the sons of asuhnya, but it isnot supposed to be judging the player gets a penalty as diancamkan.

"Matip was not defending Cameroon since 2015. He is not with the national team squad, but we are still not sure you can drop him off.

"If FIFA decided to open this case, Matip cannot appear in eight matches for reasons which are not clear. As a Manager, it is very difficult to be accepted, "said Klopp.

Matip recruited for free from Schalke on a 2016 summer transfer stock directly transformed into one of the pillars of the players of Liverpool. The player has already chalked up 12 Premier League appearances in 2016-17. As long as the players performed, The Reds have absolutely not swallow defeat.

Manchester City Defender Aleksandar Kolarov, Josep Guardiola, regarded as the best football manager in the world today. Kolarov is optimistic if Manchester City are still likely to grab the trophy champion Premier League season 2016-2017 alongside Guardiola.

"For all the players, is an excitement could play under him (Ronaldo). He is the bestmanager in the world today, "said Kolarov.

"As players, we could develop and have to win more games. However, we are at the beginning of a new journey and I think we will be much better.

"I still think the competition winner will take place until last week and we have to make sure myself remains involved in it," said Kolarov.

Manchester City moved to Arsenal from the position of the big four standings whilePremier League season 2016-2017. The reason, The Citizens swallowed four goals defeat mercilessly the time should visit the headquarters of Everton at Goodison Parkon the 21st weekend matches Sunday (15/1/2017).

Manchester City has recorded four season Premier League defeat in 2016-2017. TheCitizens currently collect 42 points or lagging 10 digits from pemuncak standings, Chelsea.

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