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Allardyce and 5 national team Manager United Kingdom Laden with controversy

United Kingdom Football Association (FA) announced the termination of cooperation with manager Sam Allardyce, Monday (27/9/2016). The former Sunderland coach that pollute the good name of the FA after allegedly involved in the illegal transfer of business players.

Allardyce had to put the post despite recently undergoing once the match along The Three Lions. The intended action is when Wayne Rooney and his friends win 1-0 over Slovakia, in the 2018 World Cup qualification.

Based on the results of the investigation of The Daily Telegraph, Allardyce known illegal ways so that he could avoid the third-party ownership rules that had been banned by the FA since the 2008-2009 season. Not only that, 61-year-old coach was claimed to know who the agent of players who can "play" the rules.

However, Allardyce, tracing the history of the first United Kingdom national team coach not to ever do a controversial action. Here are five former coaches Three squadsrecorded Lion got major media news coverage filling with negative behaviours:

Allardyce and 5 national team Manager United Kingdom Laden with controversy

1. Don Revie
In 1977, Revie had sold the story of her life experiences to Daily Mail and costs 20,000 pounds. In one of his testimony, the former coach of Leeds United it was revealed, the main reason the Lions away from the post of coach of the national team since the United Kingdom accepted the offer of 340,000 pounds per year from the United Arab Emirates.

At that time, is recorded as the first coach of Revie's national United Kingdom who decided to resign. Letter of resignation the coach reportedly is not announced to the public by the FA, to broadcast the Daily Mail article.

Revie, capable of taking down 14th victory from a total of 29 matches, claiming to not be comfortable with the surroundings. In fact, by the time the United Kingdom played 0-against Brazil, in Rio De Janeiro, Revie was not on the sidelines.

At that time, the FA preaching, Revie is undergoing a mission seeking talented players for the United Kingdom. However, in his testimony to the Daily Mail, he claims to be absent because the United Kingdom stood was negotiating in Dubai.

The FA then dropped the sanctions ban on engaging in United Kingdom Football for 10 years for the former Manchester City player.

2. Terry Venables

Terry Venables is capable of delivering the United Kingdom reached the semi-finals of the European Cup in 1996. However, before the tournament, he got involved when the bribery scandal's status as the Manager and directors Totteham Hotspur in the early 1990s.

Allardyce and 5 national team Manager United Kingdom Laden with controversy

The scandal that arose after the BBC released a video documentation of the television station the Panorama in 1993. Venables had any say, will give the whole moneybelonging to the charity if the Panorama is able to prove the claims.

In the end, free from any punishment Venables because police did not find any evidence of the alleged involvement of the trainer.

3. Glenn Hoddle
Glenn Hoddle lost his position as Manager of the United Kingdom in 1999 after making a number of controversial statements, including when insulting people with disability while undergoing an interview with one of the media of the United Kingdom.

"You and I have been given two hands and feet and intelligent brain. Some people may not be born in such circumstances to something reason. Karma is sure to have in the lives of others, "said Hoddle, then.

Comment it also became a major topic of some media United Kingdom. Despite thejudge's statement was interpreted wrongly, FA ultimately remains to fire the coach that handles David Beckham and his friends at the 1998 World Cup.

4. Sven-Goran Eriksson

Yet another United Kingdom media has a major role against the sacking of the coach of The Three Lions. In 2006, Sven-Goran Eriksson's turn must feel it when it had reported was in Dubai to negotiate with one of the entrepreneurs who want to establish a football Academy in the country.

Eriksson admitted that time itself is indeed considering looking for a new club after it is no longer the coach of the United Kingdom. However, the truth about "meetingin Dubai briefly questioned by the coach.

Though still coached United Kingdom at the 2006 World Cup, Eriksson finally resigned after the tournament ends. The agent then Eriksson commented, which is rumored to media-media in Dubai that is not true.

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Allardyce and 5 national team Manager United Kingdom Laden with controversy

5. Fabio Capello
If there is a United Kingdom national team coach who daring only pacified by the FA in a general audience he is Fabio Capello. Because, the Italy coach had expressedanger when his FA asks to remove the ban of Captain John Terry.

At that time, Terry is being stuck up the case with Queens Park Rangers, Defender Anton Ferdinand. The Chelsea Defender got the sanctions ban appeared in four matches and a fine of 220,000 pounds by the FA, even though in the end in the trial he was not proven guilty.

However, the FA still hold against a decision to remove United Kingdom belongs toCaptain Terry. 

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