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Barcelona: Manchester United Vs Liverpool Duel Not Qualified

Liverpool had to settle for 1-draw Manchester United in action cons weekend 21stPremier League at Old Trafford, Sunday (15/1/2016). The result was making The Reds the more negative trends extend.

In the game, the squad's Jurgen Klopp was led through a James Milner penalty goalin the 27th minute. However, Manchester united managed to equalize through Zlatan Ibrahimovic (84 ').

These results make Liverpool are in third position while the Premier League standings with 45 points, lagging seven figure from Chelsea who inhabit the top position. As for Manchester United, ranks sixth with a value of 40.

According to Transfermarkt, Liverpool have yet to grab the one victory in 2017. Of the four matches that have already traveled in January this year, The Red squads to pluck three draw and swallow one defeat.

Barcelona: Manchester United Vs Liverpool Duel Not Qualified

Whereas, before the turn of the year Liverpool were able to perform impressive package with four winning streak in Premier League. Positive results included as they beat Manchester City 1-0 (31/12/2016).

Declining performance of Liverpool is believed to be due to the absence of some of the pillars of the mainstay. One of these is the Mane Sadio were defending the national team of Senegal at the African Cup of 2017.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp, calling his team worthy of pride after a 1-draw cons Manchester United at the weekend matches Premier League at Old Trafford, Sunday (15/1/2017).

"A lot of people before the match starts will think, we would get trouble because Manchester United looks like a beetle and all goes towards them," said Klopp.

"We know about the problems and the situation we are today. So, looking at the performance of the team as it is today is a good thing. We should be proud of. We created a lot of space that we wanted and scored, "said Klopp.

Liverpool had led through a James Milner penalty execution in the 27th minute. However, Manchester united was able to equalize through Zlatan Ibrahimovic goals (84').

One further point to make Liverpool are in third place while the Premier League standings with a value of 45. They left behind seven points from Chelsea who occupy in the top position.

Not only that, Liverpool is also a successful stopping Manchester United who had grabbed the nine winning streak in all competitions.

Barcelona: Manchester United Vs Liverpool Duel Not Qualified

The Manchester United manager, Jose Mourinho, assesses the duel against Liverpool on match of the weekend Premier League, on Sunday (15/1/2017), not quality. The reason, ENMU or Liverpool did not exhibit the best quality games.

"I don't think the match was earlier very qualified. Us and Liverpool do not reflect the quality that we have. However, the game was very emotional, intense, and aggressive. We fought until the last second, "said Mourinho.

"We are a team that plays attacking and Liverpool plays survive. Let's see if fair critics. I enjoyed it, but I am obviously disappointed that we didn't get the three points,"said Mourinho.

Playing at Old Trafford, MU left off first after James Milner scored a late penalty execution in the 27th minute. However, The Red Devils are successful through Zlatan Ibrahimovic (84 '). Until the game ended, score 1-1.

According to the official site of the Premier League, Manchester United dominance with incised 55.2 percent possession in relation to 44.8 percent belongs to Liverpool.

However, Liverpool are more aggressive in creating opportunities due to the success registered four shots that led to the goal from the 13 experiments. As for the chances of the nine Manchester United, only three are right on target.

These results make Manchester United ranks sixth while the Premier League standings with 40 points. They left behind five points from Liverpool who was in third position.

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