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Chelsea Felt was not Threatened with Chinese Super League

The Chelsea goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, assessing his team are still capable of showing the best performance without the presence of Diego Costa.

"We have quality players to substitute Diego Costa. He certainly was an important player for us, but if he is not available for one game, we can rely on one another, "saidThibaut Courtois.

"We are in a good condition and everything works fine. So, we will try to maintain the momentum and won the match, "said Belgium goalkeeper it.

Comment the Courtois refers to a 3-0 victory over Leicester City, Saturday (14/1/2017). Though without the presence of Diego Costa, Chelsea lock full points scoring thanks to Marcos Alonson (6 ', 52 ') and Pedro Rodriguez (70 ').

According to media-media United Kingdom, one of the reasons Chelsea 1 write offDiego Costa because the player had an argument with the Manager of Antonio Conte. The quarrel originated from Diego Costa's wavering stance in response to a bid to play in the Chinese Super League.

Chelsea Felt was not Threatened with Chinese Super League

Diego Costa was rumored would get paid high reaches 30 million pounds or equivalent Idr 482 billion a year if it agrees to play in China. The news is then up to the ear of Antonio Conte could not show annoyance to the player.

In fact, the Manager had shouted while saying "just go to China!" to Diego Costa '.However, Antonio Conte denied it being the cause of Chelsea write off Diego Costa.Men Italy quibble Diego Costa crossed out because of injury.

In the summer of 2016-2017, Diego Costa has had 14 goals in 19 matches of Premier League.

The Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte, assessing the Premier League could not be deprived of ways to attract quality players even though now there is a massive expansion of the Chinese Super League. According to Antonio Conte, money is not everything in the world of football.

"While playing for a team like Chelsea, players should be happy. The League is very competitive and I believe this League can attract any players. Premier League became the first League in the world that has a lot of positive things, "said Antonio Conte.

"For those reasons, I repeat if the bid from China is not a threat to the Premier League because money isn't everything," said the Manager of the origin of Italy that.

Statements that reference against rumours of Conte removals Diego Costa to the China Super League. Spain midfielder was rumored to be the main target of Tianjin Quanjian.

Fabio Cannavaro's Club it's even claimed to have been wooing Diego Costa with a salary of £ 30 million or equivalent to Rp 482 billion a year.

Chelsea Felt was not Threatened with Chinese Super League

This season Chelsea have already pulled off two players to the Chinese clubs Super League, namely Oscar joined the Shanghai SIPG and John Obi Mikel who landed in Tianjin TEDA. Nevertheless, Conte judging Chelsea at all no trepidation if it should lose the players tempted seduction of money from clubs that Bamboo Curtain Country.

"I think we are a great club and become a pride could play for Chelsea. For those reasons, I do not see any threat from China Super League for our players, "said Antonio Conte.

It's no secret last season if in some China Super League becoming the favorite destination of the footballer. The bold clubs spend a lot of money to recruit the top players of Europe and Latin America.

The thing that's made a lot of players not power declined the offer to play in China. The latest, Carlos Tevez landed at Shanghai Shenhua and get wages worth 615,000 pounds or equivalent Rp 9.9 billion per week making it as a player with the highest salaries in the world.

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