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Lamela's Father Authorize Rumors Interest Inter

In the last few days appeared rumors about interest in Inter Milan to Erik Lamela. Now the news has been vindicated by the father of 23-year-old player was.

Performance decreases shown Lamela Tottenham make the player think to return to compete in the Italian Serie a. earlier, Argentina winger that has shown good moments defending AS Roma.

"I can confirm the rumors are true and the offer to Erik is real. We will wait for further developments over the past several days ahead, "said Jose Lamela told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

"We want to return to Italy and very open to negotiating. It is true that he has managed to provide the best in Italy and perhaps there is more suitable with their characteristics, "she continued.

"Erik is very happy in Serie A and has two great years together. We want to return to Serie A and we appreciate the opportunity of Inter, "said the father of former River Plate player it.

Lamela's Father Authorize Rumors Interest Inter

According to Sky Sport Italy, Roma's transfer agreement has been achieved. Romawill join Inter as a loan with compensation amounting to six million euros for one season. At the end of his loan period, the Nerazzurri had to buy it at a price of 14 million euros.

However, there was also news that mention that the Roma are the second choice after Inter midfielder Wolfsburg, Ivan Perisic. If Croatia midfielder failed would go home, then transfer the new Roma will happen.

AC Milan often opens the door to a long face. No matter whether they ever give joyas well as a figure full of insults.

Mario Balotelli is the latest example. This 25-year-old striker on loan from Liverpoolafter Milan failed to get his main target, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

How to lure Inter Milan is pretty unique, i.e. the old love by analogy. CEO Milan, Adriano Galliani, claimed himself as a romantic figure in this case.

"Love never dies. They create a large circle and will always come back, "said Galliani.

Two sentences were taken from the lyrics of a song called "Amici Mai" by AntonelloVenditti. This song tells the story of a complex between a pair of lovers. The womanhad a relationship with another person, but eventually the back turned to the old love.

The analogy of Galliani's true existence. Balotelli's status as Milanisti is no secret. The admiration of President Silvio Berlusconi against Balotelli also never denied.

Lamela's Father Authorize Rumors Interest Inter

The two were never cordial and Balotelli had revered when live debut. He scored two goals through the white point to play Udinese. One and a half years of togetherness  with I the Rossoneri, none of the players were able to surpass the number of golnya.

However, the relationship and the Berlusconi-stretchable in 2013-2014. Balotelli was considered a bad influence in the locker room. No doubt, the phrase "rotten apples"who leveled Berlusconi coloring divorce both in the summer of 2014.

The old proposition

Not the first time Ronaldo quotes the lyrics to "Amici Mai". The same sentence usedGalliani to flavor the return of Andriy Shevchenko in 2008 and Ricardo Kaka five years later.

As with Balotelli, Shevchenko and Kaka had sweet memory together Milanisti. Athens 2007 to its peak. Both brought Milan the win over Liverpool in the Champions League final. This victory at once be revenge against cuts in Istanbul two years earlier.

Not to mention the memory of derbi. Shevchenko and Kaka often become antagonists to city rivals, Inter Milan. Duel special titled this Nerazzurri, Shevchenko still a scorer with nicks 14 goals. As for Kaká, recorded five goals to the goal I Nerazzurri.

However, his impressive appearance Shevchenko is not repeated when he returnedon loan to Milan in the season 2008-2009. Ukraine-born Player is just a status as theupholstery and failed to score a goal in the Serie a.

Kaka is slightly better with the penetrating core team. She also decorates his returnwith a goal to 100-nicks to Milan on 5 January 2014. However, he was unable to lift the achievement of Milan. Because of the failure to penetrate the Champions League zone Milan, Kaka enable contract termination clause in the summer of last year.

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Lamela's Father Authorize Rumors Interest Inter

A second chance

Milan is already a regular old love knitting. Including Kaka, there are 46 players whoreturn to the San Siro after a tepid defense of the other clubs. Leading the way was the Albano Vicariotto. He was invited to Turin in the summer of 1951-1952 and returned home to Milan just a lapse of one year. The status of loans such as the case ofShevchenko has yet to count.

Not a few of them to shine during the initial service. Take the example of Ruud Gullit and Roberto Donadoni. They became pillars of AC Milan when it won the European Cup (now Champions League) two consecutive years in 1989 and 1990.

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