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Alex Sandro Has Long Loved Juventus

AS Roma star, Adem Ljajic is being sought after by the Premier League club, AstonVilla. News from the United Kingdom States that the Villa is immediately opened talks with the management of the Romans associated with Ljajic.

Sky Sports alerts you, Director Walter Sabatini Rome, already thought to sell beforethe stock transfer Ljajic summer closed the end of August.

Ljajic belongs to players previously coveted job by Rome. Ljajic, famous because players ' anti-Lazio ' i.e. He frequently breaking into the goal with Lazio-Rome-city rivals when her costumed still Fiorentina.

However in Rome, her failing to shine though in 32 of his performances together. With these conditions, the Romans ever put his name as a player who likely will be released from the Olimpico this season.

Ljajic reached his best performance as he costumed Fiorentina. Of the 78 appearance along with La Viola, Ljajic successfully resulted in 15 goals to the opponent.

Alex Sandro Has Long Loved Juventus

AC Milan to bring serious Axel Witsel to the San Siro. The Rossoneri I've prepared a Fund of 30 million or equivalent to 481.4 billion rupiah to married quarterback belongs to Zenit St Petersburg.

According to the website of Football Italy, this figure is five million euros higher than the initial bid of Milan over Witsel. But the Zenit already pegged the price of the transfer of 35 million euros (561.8 billion dollars) over the birth of football player, January 12, 1989.

Meanwhile, Milan ensure Keisuke Honda will not be sold. Earlier, the origin of this Japan midfielder had become the target of several United Kingdom clubs including Everton and Tottenham Hotspur.

Juventus was officially introduced as a new player Alex Sandro. Origin of the Brazil defender was recruited on August 20 from Porto with a transfer value of 26 million euros (424.5 billion rupiah).

In the event of such introductions, Sandro expresses its love of Juventus who apparently already underway since childhood. The following quotes from the interview.

Alex Sandro Has Long Loved Juventus

Reportedly you indeed supporters of Juventus. Really?
Yes. If Porto was eliminated from the Champions League, I have always supported Juventus. This Club has always been a team that I like. I grew up admiring the big names like Alessandro Del Piero and David Trezeguet played for Juventus.

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So, Juventus Club of your dreams?
Yes. Playing for Juventus has long since become my passion and dreams. Then, become part of the Arsenal now is a dream come true.

Is it just that the reason you agree to Juventus?
I have always loved the Serie a. I always follow the development of this League, thecompetition is very tough. Serie A is the most the League prioritizes tactics in the world. I am sure playing in Serie A will greatly help the development of my career. The League match with my style of play.
I know I can grow in soccer Italy Juventus and I know will help me make it happen. Juventus is the perfect Club for me.

What you can offer to Juventus?
One of the most important attributes in myself is that I was someone who always wants to win. I will exert all my ability 100 percent to win. I can always play a balanced in both survived the attack.
I will try my quality showed during training sessions and matches. I have talked with coach Massimiliano Allegri. I already know about the style of play he wanted.

The name Cyril Thereau played unexpectedly lively discussed publicly so himself emerges as the hero of the victory 1-0 over Juventus and Udinese at Serie A Prime weekend 2015/16.

The goal seemed ambiguous make the match due to occur in the headquarters of Juventus and witnessed by members of his family who watched from the stands.

Alex Sandro Has Long Loved Juventus

"In the first half, we trouble drain the ball forward. However, in the last 20 minutes of a match, I know that Juventus will make room and we were able to exploit it. We have to write something in the page history of Juventus. "said the match in La Gazzetta dello Sport.

Then who is the match? If you ask the people of France.

Although he is a citizen of France, the match has never been engaged in Ligue 1. When a career in Fashion, the 32-year-old striker was only felt the CFA competition (amateur) with Orleans and Ligue 2 with the fluffy costume Angers.

Its action in the world of football France only lasted briefly, from 2004 to 2006. After that, the match should go to clubs outside France semodel Charleroi, Steaua Bucuresti, and Anderlecht, before finally docked to the Serie A with Chievo and Udinese.

Although the majority of clubs are Avenged the match could not be above board, he never had a chance to listen to the theme song of the UEFA Champions League that often make the feather occipital football stand.

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