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Chelsea defeated Arsenal, Conte was not able to Sleep 2 days

Chelsea succumbed 0-3 while on a trip to Arsenal, Emirates Stadium, on the advanced party of Premier League 2016-2017, Saturday (24/9/2016). This defeat make the Manager of The Blues, Antonio Conte, unable to sleep for up to two days.

Arsenal scored his first goal through action on Alexis Sanchez at the 11th minute. Four minutes later, The Gunners managed to double the advantage through goals by Theo Walcott. The third touchdown Cannon Mesut Ozil was created in London in the 40th minute.

Premier League Arsenal have five alerts you of opportunities of the 12 experiments.Meanwhile, Chelsea only twice threatened goal The Gunners from nine experiments.Now, the two teams share the percentage of 50 percent possession.

Thus, Chelsea only able to grab one of her last three matches points in the Premier League, 2016-2017. The Blues before playing drew 2-against Swansea City (11/9/2016) and lost 1-2 against Liverpool (24/9/2016).

Chelsea defeated Arsenal, Conte was not able to Sleep 2 days

"I could not sleep after the defeat against Arsenal. Two nights I couldn't sleep. When I can't sleep, my glass from my mistakes. I feel angry at the first half. However, I choose silence, "said Conte.

"There are rules in the locker room. I was angry, but I was also so. They are not satisfied with our game. I need to find a solution as soon as possible. We played bad against Arsenal, "he added.

This defeat puts Chelsea in eighth position standings while Premier League 2016-2017 with 10 points. The Blues left behind eight digits from the Manchester City whilebeing on the top of the standings.

"A lot of things we have to fix if we want to be at the top the standings, not in themiddle of the Board. The most important message I was on the field. We had to findthe best solution as soon as possible, "said Antonio Conte.

Rio Ferdinand Manchester United considers depressed with is Paul Pogba. It made the party the team wanted to soon see Pogba appeared with best quality.

Pogba brought Manchester United from Juventus with around of 89 million pounds (USD 1.53 trillion). Such transfer is the highest in the history of football players.

Chelsea defeated Arsenal, Conte was not able to Sleep 2 days

It's France midfielder debuted in the second week of the Premier League against Southampton. Since then, Jose Mourinho always Pogba was revealed, both in the Premier League or the Europa League.

The public began to doubt the quality of Pogba considering his role in the scheme of the game Red Devils team assessed less prominent in some matches. A three-game losing streak when it meets Manchester City and Watford in the Premier League,as well as Feyenoord in the Europa League make this 23 year old players increasingly cornered.

"If you've spent a lot of money to buy players, you have to build the team around him. Anyone who plays, they must help the Pogba, "said Ferdinand.

"He has to play and you have to get the best out of him, having already issued a huge cost," continued Ferdinand.

After receiving criticism, Pogba could finally be a little relieved because it managed to score a goal when Manchester United won 4-1 over Leicester City at Old Trafford,Saturday (24/9/2016). According to Ferdinand, the victory could make Pogba played more confident again.

"For the progress of Manchester United, Pogba should always play well. Meanwhile, Wayne Rooney should be drawn more forward or he would always sit on the bench, "added the Defender defend the medio MU 2002-2014 it.

Juan Mata successfully underwent the role players who serve as the number 10 kalaManchester United bend Leicester City, last weekend. The appearance of The Spaniard into the fruit of the lips are among the media in the United Kingdom.

Not just a matter of one goal against the defending champions, the performance hitof eyes are also considered to be a real threat for the captain, Wayne Rooney. Wazza, Wayne Rooney, considered the greeting was already in the end zone along the Red Devils career.

Chelsea defeated Arsenal, Conte was not able to Sleep 2 days

The appearance of the eyes as the number 10 gives a nice effect for Manchester United appearances, at least when meets Leicester City. He became the driving motor of the movement of two young players that enclose it, i.e. Marcus Rashford and JesseLingard.

What is shown of the eye makes the Manchester United Manager, Jose Mourinho, semringah. Technically, participate in 4 goals scored The Red Devils in just 20 minutes. Chris Smalling, Juan Mata, Paul Pogba and Rashford, answer the doubts of the public associated the quality of their game.

Over the counter action Leicester City, Jose Mourinho commented that signal the end of an era of Wayne Rooney at Manchester United. "We think hard to get a bad top games solutions in some of the matches, especially in the Premier League," he said, in the Guardian, Sunday (25/9/2016) local time.

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